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Visit the BÄRs in Hall 26 Stand B16 and discover the latest developments in the world of tail lifts!

Bär Cargolift product groups - Here you will find your tail lift for safe loading and unloading

Bär Cargolift Online Solutions - Fast support for lift selection, installation inspection and driver training

Product finder MyCargolift - Find the suitable tail lift here!

You know your vehicle and your transport task - find the suitable tail lift for it! Because the product recommendation MyCargolift determines the suitable Bär Cargolift on the basis of five pieces of information. Try it out directly!

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Fitment test 24/7

The vehicle is in the yard and you want to check if the mounting is possible? That's where the Bär fitment calculation programme assits. BÄR has been offering this online solution since 2008 - seven days a week, all day! It's best to fill out the dimension sheet in advance so that you have all the data ready. 

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The serial number-specific instruction manual HowToCargoLift

Driver qualification is a key factor in professional distribution transport. At the same time, technology is constantly evolving. That's why BÄR offers you the online driver training HowToCargoLift. After entering the serial number (or scanning the QR code on the Bär Cargolift), you will receive a short instruction manual of exactly that Cargolift - available in eleven languages.

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What makes a tail lift a Bär Cargolift?  

And after the purchase? Bär Cargolift Service

Service partner search »

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Spare parts »

A perfect fit for your Bär Cargolift

Troubleshooting »

So that you can drive quickly to the service partner.

Diagnostic software »

Because every Bär Cargolift has a memory!

And after the purchase? Bär Cargolift Online Solutions

Bär Original Spare Parts in the digital flip catalogue

Browse the digital spare parts catalogue. By clicking on the part image or the material number, you will be taken directly to this spare part in the WebShop - provided that you are registered. In addition to the selection of our most common BÄR Original Spare Parts, the new spare parts catalogue provides you with further information on Bär-specific technologies and innovations as well as retrofitting options, our service and our online services. Convince yourself:

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Bär Original Spare Parts in the WebShop

The easiest way to order Bär original spare parts is the web shop. Here you can find the exact fitting original spare part by means of serial number and exploded view. Alternatively, you can use various search options. In addition, more than 2,000 Bär spare parts are available as 3D images so that you can view these parts from all sides. 

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Diagnostic software Bär CargoCheck

Connected via standard USB cable (port A/B), Bär CargoCheck facilitates fast and targeted fault diagnosis as well as parameterisation of Cargolift equipment according to requirements and retrofitting. 

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Current sales and service information from Bär Cargolift

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Die Gerd Bär GmbH - Das inhaber-geführte Familienunternehmen hinter Bär Cargolift - portraitiert durch die Bezirksgruppe Heilbronn/Region Franken - Südwestmetall

Unternehmensfilm auf YouTube »

Karriere bei BÄR »

Lernen Sie BÄR als Arbeitgeber kennen und finden Sie heraus, welche Stellen aktuell verfügbar sind!

Ausbildung - Deine BÄRenstarke Zukunft »

Erfahre mehr zur kaufmännischen Ausbildung, der gewerblichen Ausbildung, Dualem Studium oder auch Praktika!

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Operating manuals »

Operating manuals for every Bär Cargolift in various languages

Circuit diagrams »

Circuit diagrams, hydraulic circuit diagrams, information on pin assignment can be found in the WebShop

Certificates »

No matter if you need certificates for the underrun bar, the load safety device or the ball coupling