Bär SmartControl CabinControl

Operate the tail lift from the cab and keep an overview at the rear of the vehicle at the same time

Manoeuvring with the truck and Standard Cargolift at the ramp requires extensive practice - or the Bär SmartControl CabinControl. Together with two rear drive cameras and a monitor in the cabin, you can operate and bring the Cargolift perfectly into position - if desired with orientation lines on the monitor exclusively at BÄR (patented).

The Bär SmartControl CabinControl system saves time and nerves by enabling Cargolift operation from the cab with full visibility - so that logistics processes can run without interruption and the weather doesn't matter! 

For a quicker ramp approach

The Bär SmartControl CabinControl offers you when used with Bär Cargolift Standard S4...

...QuickShift function as standard for simultaneous opening and lowering of the platform directly after switching on.

Following QuickShift, an automatic stop is possible for driving underneath the ramp.

Orientation lines on the monitor make it easier to place the platform on the ramp.

The Bär SmartControl CabinControl consists of:

Bär SmartControl Plus with docking station, two rear view cameras at the rear of the vehicle and a split screen monitor in the driver's cab. The rear view camera system with monitor is not part of the scope of delivery of CabinControl.

Operating film on Bär SmartControl CabinControl on YouTube

For even more safety in the field - The assistance system Bär VisionAssist combined with Bär SmartControl CabinControl

Safety First! With this requirement the assistance system Bär VisionAssist is relevant for you: When operating the Cargolift, an AI rear view camera monitors the previously defined movement radius of the platform. If a person enters this, the operating command is immediately stopped automatically. The dangerous situation is directly displayed to the driver on the monitor in the driver's cab. After the automatic stop and the check of the hazardous situation, the driver can continue the operation. Together with the Bär SmartControl cab control, further turning systems according to R158 can also be integrated.

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Bär SmartControl Plus with Docking Station

For the Bär Cargolift it is the basis for the CabinControl - the radio remote control Bär SmartControl Plus with Docking Station.

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Diagnostic software Bär CargoCheck

Settings for Bär SmartControl - such as the parameterisation of near and working range - are possible in the diagnostic software Bär CargoCheck.

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The intelligent control eBC Controller

The controller that thinks for itself. Because it is the basis for Bär SmartControl.

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