​  Bär VanLift Standard / FreeAccess

The ideal tail lift for panel vans

Bär VanLift FreeAccess - ​The original: Maximum flexibility for your van

Loading heavy pallets, but only removing single packages without a lift? Or loading trolleys, but only delivering single trays? Preferably without losing any time? In weight-sensitive vehicle classes, these requirements are not uncommon. Bär Cargolift has the solution: FreeAccess.

  • In the driving position, the folded platform allows free access to the right rear door.
  • If necessary, sufficient space and load capacity exists for one pallet with a forklift, or for up to four trolleys.
  • The trick: When unfolding, the belt hinge facilitates the ideal interlocking of folding and fixed parts. Once unfolded, the force distribution of the load is even across the platform.

Bär VanLift Standard​ - 
For the frequent transport of pallets and trolleys

You always transport pallets and trolleys in your van? Then the Bär VanLift Standard provides optimum support when loading and unloading your goods. This VanLift offers you the following in addition to a load capacity of 600 kg (500 kg depending on the vehicle):

  • More payload thanks to the lowest possible VanLift weight
  • Fast mounting without any chassis work
  • Unrestricted trailer operation option

Available as Bär VanLifts for panel vans are:

  • BC 600 A2V with vertically foldable FreeAccess platform
  • BC 600 S2V with standard platform standing behind the panel van

pdf download of portfolio brochure for Bär VanLift FreeAccess / Standard

The payload is also a key issue in the transport of goods. All Bär VanLifts are designed for a specific van to fulfil this requirement. This results in advantages in terms of the vehicle weight, mounting and ground clearance. The carrier vehicle influences the technical possibilities of the VanLift. For example, the load capacity can be reduced due to the mounting guidelines. Refer to the vehicle-specific VanLift brochure for more details about this – as well as the mounting possibilities for different vehicle types (available as pdf by clicking on the vehicle name). 
Bär VanLifts are available for:

Bär VanLift for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (BM 907)
Bär VanLift for Volkswagen Crafter (from 2017 type SY)
Bär VanLift for MAN TGE
Bär VanLift for Iveco Daily
Bär VanLift for Renault Master
Bär VanLift for Vauxhall / Opel Movano C (from 2021)
Bär VanLift for Vauxhall / Opel Movano B
Bär VanLift for Nissan Interstar (NV400)
Bär VanLift for Ford Transit
Bär VanLift for Fiat Ducato
Bär VanLift for Citroën Relay / Jumper
Bär VanLift for Peugeot Boxer 

Bär VanLift equipment

Vans have their own rules – because their users expect automotive quality and a full range of equipment. BÄR therefore offers the most comprehensive standard equipment in the entire product range for its VanLifts!

Radio remote control Bär SmartControl Basic - The standard operation of Bär VanLifts

The radio remote control Bär SmartControl Basic replaces the installation of control switches in the car body. Four functions radio with close range detection. 

Operating film of Bär VanLift FreeAccess with radio remote control Bär SmartControl Basic on YouTube​

Aluminium platform - foldable or full width

The foldable FreeAccess platform is powder-coated in RAL 9006 white aluminium on the back. The back of the wide standard platform is natural aluminium. All VanLift platforms are equipped with a pre-mounted number plate holder with lighting. The TracGrip anti-slip platform tread increases safety on the platform. 

Learn more about TracGrip 

Trolley stop 2ad and flashing light CargoFlash 

The two-part roll-stop 2ad for two roll containers is standard equipment on Bär VanLifts, as is the recessed, easy-to-pass CargoFlash indicator light with LED technology.

Operating film for trolley stop ad on YouTube

Bär VanBridge – The standard connection between platform and van

The two-piece VanBridge creates a seamless transition between platform and cargo floor via an unloaded rubber hinge. The ribbed surface provides slip resistance. For travel, the VanBridge can be locked vertically in the cargo area. For integration into the insulated floor, the VanBridge is optionally available for refrigerated extensions.

Cable remote control for emergency operation

All Bär VanLifts have a standard plug connection. A cable remote control is optionally available in addition to the radio remote control.

Operating film for the cable remote control VanLift on YouTube

Trailer operation possible

Optionally, VanLifts can be equipped with a removable ball head coupling complete with ball. D-value 17.7 kN-21 kN, weight approx. 30 kg. The electrical pre-equipment is required on the vehicle side! The coupling of the vehicle cannot be used. 

Further contents to Bär VanLift

Radio remote control Bär SmartControl

The Bär VanLifts use the Bär SmartControl Basic radio remote control as standard. Alternatively, the rechargeable Plus hand-held transmitter with docking station is available.

Learn more

Know how the tail lift works - HowToCargoLift

Driver qualification is a key factor in professional distribution transport. At the same time, technology is constantly evolving. That's why BÄR offers you the HowToCargoLift online driver training course. After entering the serial number (or scanning the QR code on the Bär Cargolift), you will receive a short instruction manual of exactly that Cargolift - available in eleven languages.

Go to the HowToCargoLift website