Radio remote control Bär SmartControl

The unique wireless operating concept – Bär SmartControl

User-friendliness has a lot to do with operating elements. Since 2012, BÄR has offered the Bär SmartControl operating concept for safe operation by radio. But safe is not always easy and innovative is not always practical. That is why we have continuously developed Bär SmartControl: From the iPhone app to the practical handheld transmitter. From double-click to SingleClick. From complex operating commands to automatic function sequences with EasyFold for our HydFalt Cargolifts. And in the simplest form to Bär SmartControl Basic. Try out the Bär SmartControl radio remote controls for yourself!

Radio control Bär SmartControl Basic - The easy and at the same time safe operation by radio

Concentrated on the essentials - focused on the purpose - optimised through BÄR's many years of experience with radio remote controls. This is how Bär SmartControl Basic could be described. With only three yellow function keys, the Basic hand-held transmitter enables the basic functions of a tail lift by radio. It uses proven safety features:

  • ​Close-range detection so that the operator has a full view of the danger zone in critical situations close to the Cargolift 
  • Button recess for use of the SingleClick function with simultaneous safe and simple handling
  • AutoStop45° when closing the platform as an indication of crushing and shearing points and for changing to the close-up area to close the platform completely

Radio remote control Bär SmartControl Plus - The secure operation by radio for the highest requirements

Open, close, up, down is good - but efficient logistics easily brings other requirements with it. For example, a hand-held transmitter for both Cargolifts of the articulated train - the one on the truck as well as the one on the trailer. Hydraulic extension and unfolding of the HydFalt Cargolifts by radio. Or a loss protection for the handheld transmitter. That's why the Plus handheld transmitter offers additional features:

For full visibility during operation

Provides close-range detection - it ensures that the operator is close to the Cargolift in critical situations.

Automatic hazard warning

AutoStop45° indicates crushing and shearing points when closing the platform. At close range, the platform can be closed completely.

Consciously tilt the platform

With the 4-function button - it also activates the closing of the platform.

Protection against unauthorised operation

Because RadioKey automatically locks all controls when the operator leaves the working area.

One handheld transmitter for two Cargolifts

To facilitate use on truck and trailer. For frequent trailer changes, BÄR offers automatic, dynamic coupling when the trailer is plugged in..

Retracting and extending by radio

This is made possible by the Plus hand-held transmitter on all retractable Retfalt Cargolifts.

Operating other components

Such as hydraulic supports, the BC S4U hydraulic underrun bar or a customer function such as the EasyFold automatic function sequence for HydFalt.

Simply press

With SingleClick, the button recess protects against unintentional operation; logging on to the vehicle is done by double-clicking.

There are two versions of the Plus hand-held transmitter:

Battery-operated Plus hand-held transmitter

The delivery includes the battery-operated handheld transmitter and the corresponding receiver.

Rechargeable Plus hand-held transmitter with docking station

The docking station offers further possibilities:

  • Automatic pairing (EasyPairing) when the handheld transmitter is inserted into the docking station enables personalized handheld transmitters per driver
  • On departure, the docking station signals the missing handheld transmitter (lost-protection)
  • Distinctive cabin feedback by radio when platform is not in driving position
  • Inductive charging of the handheld transmitter while driving

Movie about Bär SmartControl Plus with Docking Station on YouTube

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Combined with two rear view cameras and a split screen monitor, Bär SmartControl Plus with Docking Station can become a cab control system. 

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