Practical investment protection made by BÄR

Warranty, extended warranty, maintenance and repair contract

A logistics chain can only function if all the individual links interlock reliably. In order to guarantee this reliability, BÄR attaches great importance to the highest quality of the individual components in the design, manufacture and assembly of its Cargolifts. This is the basis for the comprehensive warranties and the additional offers for practical investment protection.

You have the choice between:

Maintenance and repair contract Bär CargoRate

Full service, no risk. With our maintenance and repair contract, you convert your difficult-to-calculate lifecycle costs into a fixed monthly rate. And our certified service partners keep your Bär Cargolift in top condition at any time. Throughout its product life cycle.
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Extended warranty Bär CargoProtect

Success does not happen by chance. With the extended warranty for your Bär Cargolift, you can request the extension of the 24-month warranty if necessary and secure your budget against unpleasant surprises. For sure.

24 months warranty

With BÄR you get 24 months warranty on parts and labour of new Cargolifts as well as 24 months warranty on Bär original spare parts. You can submit the warranty claim via the Bär Cargolift WebShop.

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The basis for the long-term efficient use of your Bär Cargolift is regular inspection and maintenance:

Regular inspection

With the legally stipulated inspection, your Cargolift is kept in top condition and you save time and money. Our field staff would be happy to advise you in regard to the requirements on regular inspection in your country.

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures the fault-free function of your Bär Cargolift in day-to-day use. It is also a requirement for warranty claims starting in the second year of operation. Since the legally stipulated regular inspection does not mandate maintenance, the service record documents the necessary measures.
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Further contents on warranty and investment protection

Your service portal - The Bär Cargolift WebShop

Of course you will find all Bär original spare parts in the WebShop. You can also submit a warranty claim and link it directly to your parts order. Afterwards the processing status of your claim can be tracked in the overview. Your Bär service partner also submits the service invoices for the Bär CargoRate maintenance and repair contract to BÄR via the WebShop. 


Sustainable service requires high-quality spare parts

As the manufacturer, BÄR knows

  • which parts are installed
  • which original spare parts have been further developed for maximum service life and
  • how the interaction of the components leads to optimum performance in the lift application.

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