Bär Cargolift RetFalt

The retractable tail lift with single folded platform 

High degree of pre-assembly with flexible and low-maintenance use – Bär Cargolift RetFalt. These retractable taillifts can be quickly mounted on trucks by means of a bolted suspension or on semitrailers by means of a bracketed suspension.

While the Cargolift RetFalt is stowed away under the vehicle in driving position, it can quickly be ready for use. After sliding out hydraulically, the platform is easily unfolded manually and provides a large surface for trolley or pallet transport.

The aluminium sliding mechanism with maintenance free sliding guide is extremely sturdy and has very good sliding properties. The benefits can be seen in frequent use and continuous operation, in particular.

Bär Cargolift RetFalt for trucks and semitrailers

In order to facilitate efficient installation and use of the RetFalt Cargolift, BÄR distinguishes the following scenarios:

RetFalt Cargolifts for trucks

When installed on a truck, the BC R21 facilitates transport of trolleys or pallets with forklifts, in particular, whereas BC R41, with its high load capacity and large platform is designed for pallets. The BC R4U offers various driving positions for operation with and without trailers for trucks with deep coupling.

  • BC 1500 R21
  • BC 2000 R41
  • BC 2500 R41
  • BC 3000 R41
  • BC 1500 R4U
  • BC 2000 R4U

RetFalt Cargolifts for semitrailers

When installed on a semitrailer the BC R2T is ideal for the transport of trolleys and light pallets. Its companion for heavy pallet transport is the BC R4T or in the even more compact version the R4C for steering axle semitrailers or the R4K for city semi-trailer (frame rail 1300 mm).

  • BC 2000 R2T 
  • BC 2000 R4T
  • BC 2500 R4T
  • BC 2000 R4C
  • BC 2500 R4C
  • BC 2000 R4K
  • BC 2500 R4K

Equipment for Bär Cargolift RetFalt 

The equipment of the tail lift is usually decisive for efficient and safe use. They often facilitate or simplify the loading process. Below you will find a selection of equipment; more information is available in the portfolio brochure.

The serial control box of the RetFalt Cargolifts

Intuitively usable, robustly built and perfectly operable even with gloves on thanks to the cross lever switches - that is the Bär Control EVO operating unit. In the case of the RetFalt Cargolifts R2T, R4T, R4C and R4K, the SwitchKey for switching on and off by moving the left operating lever is standard equipment.  

Operating film Bär Cargolift RetFalt R2T with control unit Bär Control EVO on YouTube

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The radio remote control for highest requirements - Bär SmartControl Plus

Extending and retracting the RetFalt Cargolifts by radio control? No problem for the remote control Bär SmartControl Plus! But this remote control offers even more possibilities: For example, the automatic protection against unauthorised operation when leaving the vehicle: RadioKey locks all operating elements as soon as the Plus hand-held transmitter leaves the working area. Available as a battery-powered hand-held transmitter or as a rechargeable version with docking station.

Operating film of Bär Cargolift RetFalt R2T with radio control Bär SmartControl Plus on YouTube

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The retractable aluminium platform

All Cargolifts of the product group RetFalt are equipped with a one time folded aluminium platform. Manual folding is user-friendly with spring relief. The rear of the platform is natural aluminium as standard. The anti-slip TracGrip platform tread increases safety on the platform. Alternatively, the noise-reducing tread SilentGrip is available.

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The aluminium bridge as a connection to the vehicle

All RetFalt Cargolifts have a fixed aluminium bridge plate as standard. Cut-outs for door latches can easily be made or you can order a fixed bridge with cut-outs from BÄR.  

For the safe transport of your roll containers - trolley stops

At BÄR, the roll-off securing devices are just as robust as the platform on which they are placed. Because every BÄR roll-stop has a double bottom. You have the choice between different roll-off protection systems. 

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For loading goods from the side

You can load the platform from the side using the optional side loading ramp (length 1,000 mm, width 860 mm). It is hooked into two robust stainless steel hook-in devices.

For delivery in a residential area in the early morning - PIEK equipment

For loading and unloading in noise-sensitive environments, BÄR recommends the PIEK equipment. This guarantees that the Cargolift is quieter than 60 dB(A) when in use. In addition to a silentpower pack, the BC is equipped with the noise-reducing SilentGrip on the platform surface as well as other features which are described in more detail in the portfolio brochure.

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Use the data of your Bär Cargolift!

All Bär Cargolifts are equipped with the Bär CargoConnect data interface. If the software option is active and the electronic control unit eBC Controller is connected to your telematics, you can use the data.

Film about Bär CargoConnect on YouTube

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Product finder MyCargolift 

You know your vehicle and your transport task - find the suitable tail lift for it! Because the product recommendation MyCargolift determines the suitable Bär Cargolift on the basis of five pieces of information. Try it out directly!

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Know how the tail lift works - HowToCargoLift

Driver qualification is a key factor in professional distribution transport. At the same time, technology is constantly evolving. That's why BÄR offers you the HowToCargoLift online driver training course. After entering the serial number (or scanning the QR code on the Bär Cargolift), you will receive a short instruction manual of exactly that Cargolift - available in eleven languages.

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