The eBC Controller 

The electronic control of Bär Cargolift

Are you wondering why every Bär Cargolift has an electronic control system? BÄR recognised early on what opportunities this offered. When the eBC controller was launched in 2012, the main advantages were service issues such as diagnostic capability and simple emergency operation via buttons. In the meantime, with the further development of the controller, other advantages have come into play, such as equipment that can be flexibly realised with an adaptation of the Cargolift software instead of hardware. Or the digital integration of Bär Cargolifts into the fleet management system of the fleet manager. Here you will find a selection of the advantages that the eBC Controller offers you: 

Digitally integrable - so you can easily use all your data

All eBC Controllers PRO have the optional software component Bär CargoConnect. If the option is active and the eBC Controller PRO is connected to your telematics via a connection cable, the Cargolift data can be accessed via the standardised data interface according to DIN 4630. Your options range from preventive maintenance to geofencing.

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Diagnostic capability - so that faults are identified and rectified as quickly as possible

With the eBC Controller, every Bär Cargolift receives a fault memory. You can access this via the Bär CargoCheck diagnostic software. In addition, Bär CargoCheck allows you to monitor the voltage and current flow as well as all inputs and outputs - so that the vehicle is running again as quickly as possible!

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Ready at all times - with emergency button operation in case of need

eBC Controllers are housed water-protected in the main beam or in the aluminium housing. If the Cargolift can no longer be operated with the controls, the eBC Controller has an emergency button control. It allows the basic functions to bring the Cargolift into the driving position. 

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Optimally adaptable - because the final adjustment takes place in the workshop

The Bär CargoCheck diagnostic software also enables the parameterisation of equipment according to requirements, such as switching on via SwitchKey » or fine-tuning the ranges for the Bär SmartControl radio remote control ».

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Partially automated - for easy operation of HydFalt

In the past, operating HydFalt Cargolifts required some practice. With the automatic EasyFold function sequence, one operating command is sufficient to move from the driving position to the working position - more precisely: lower the platform package, extend the platform package to the folding position, unfold the platform package, unfold the platform tip, return to the working position.

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Retrofittable - because requirements change during the life of the product

With the eBC Controller, you can easily retrofit equipment. When retrofitting control elements such as the Bär SmartControl radio remote control, you receive a new configuration file for the eBC Controller. You can play this file on the eBC Controller via the diagnostic software Bär CargoCheck and use it directly. 

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Digitisable - when software replaces hardware

Of course you can switch the lift on and off at the trailer with a key switch. But the key can be lost by the driver. If the key is easily replaceable, there is a risk of unauthorised operation. That is why BÄR has developed the SwitchKey: Switch on and off by moving the left lever of the Bär Control EVO operating unit. The sequence of movements can be adjusted in the Bär CargoCheck diagnostic software. 

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Customisable - Because there are still many possibilities!

Whether you want to link the rolling gate control to the lift function or receive additional lift data via your telematics - the possibilities with the eBC Controller are numerous. Contact us to find out which solutions can make your logistics process even more efficient.

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Reliable - because the control unit thinks

Prevent power relay and motor from burning out. Detect cable breaks. Automatically shut down parts of the Cargolift in the event of a fault - or even the entire lift. The eBC Controller can do all this. The basis for this is the BC.OS control software and a hardware component: The eBC Controller for standard functionality or the eBC Controller PRO with additional connection and usage options.

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Fit for the future - so that you are already prepared for tomorrow today

Together with AI reversing cameras, the Bär VisionAssist assistance system monitors the movement radius of the platform and stops it automatically if there is a risk of collision. Not a vision of the future, but reality at BÄR.

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The control box Bär Control EVO

The development of this control unit was accompanied by the further development of the eBC Controller.

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