The standardised data interface Bär CargoConnect

Use your data with the telematics solution from BÄR

Digitalisation is being talked about a lot. But what does connectivity have to do with a tail lift? A great deal! DIN 4630 has been in existence since 2022 and standardizes the data interface for communication between body components, telematics and the vehicle. Of course, these components also include our Bär Cargolifts. With Bär CargoConnect you can transmit Cargolift data directly to the driver's cabin or to the fleet management system or flexibly adjust access rights depending on location or time (geo/timefencing) for instance. 

The goal is maximum availability of the vehicle including its components and a smooth, efficient logistics chain.

Bär CargoConnect is an optional part of the software of our Cargolifts. If the option is active and the eBC Controller is connected to your telematics via a connection cable, the Cargolift data can be retrieved according to SAE J1939. The data is transmitted - together with other vehicle data - via your existing telematics solution.

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