Bär Cargolift Standard

The tail lift from BÄR with a load capacity of 1,000 kg to 3,000 kg 
for professional distribution transport in all its diversity 

Professional distribution transport has a wide range of requirements: High loads on high platforms, different drivers in multi-shift operation, varying framework conditions at the unloading sites, long service life, diverse vehicle types, but also tail lifts with relatively low platforms for standardised bodies in the medium payload market segment and rental vehicles with a short service life. And, not least: The Cargolift as a business card for the customer. 

Thanks to over 40 years of experience, BÄR has the solution for all these requirements: Bär Cargolift Standard. With high load moments and extensive reserves, S4 Cargolifts provide the basis for long-term, efficient loading processes. Versatile fitment possibilities and application-specific equipment round out the offering. In the medium-heavy market segment, BC 1000 S2 and BC 1500 S4L score as weight-optimised tail lifts. And for those who simply want to lift 1500 kg without a lot of frills, concentrating on the essentials - BÄR offers the new BC 150 S Basic.

S2 / S4L - payload optimised with lifting capacity 1000 kg / 1500 kg

These Cargolifts offer you the optimum ratio between tare weight and load capacity. Designed for medium-duty trucks up to 18 t gross vehicle weight with standardised superstructures:

  • BC 1000 S2 
  • BC 1500 S4L 

Open, close, up, down - no more, but also no less - 
Bär Cargolift Basic

Are you looking for a tail lift for your rental fleet that lifts 1,500 kg and leaves you spoilt for choice? BÄR offers you the BC 150 S from a minimum purchase quantity of 24 BCs.

Standard S4 - The Cantilever tail lift from BÄR with load capacity 1,000 kg - 3,000 kg

With high load moment and sufficient power reserves to provide powerful support for professional logistics. With high aluminium platforms including load securing certificate XL and versatile equipment options to adapt the Cargolift to your requirements in the best possible way. With diverse mounting options on trucks of different weight classes with or without trailer, on trailers or semi-trailers:

  • BC 1000 S4
  • BC 1500 S4
  • BC 2000 S4
  • BC 2500 S4
  • BC 3000 S4

Bär Cargolift offers special S4 Cargolifts for special requirements:

S4A - When there is little space

Mounting on drawbar trailers usually leaves little space for a tail lift - therefore BC S4A only needs the short clearance of 585 mm at the rear of the vehicle:

  • BC 2000 S4
  • BC 2500 S4A

S4U -  When the underrun bar should sometimes disappear

The hydraulic underrun bar is simply positioned on top during trailer operation. In solo operation, it is conveniently moved down via the Bär Control EVO operating unit or also by radio via Bär SmartControl Plus:

  • BC 2000 S4U
  • BC 2500 S4U

S4V - When flexibility is required

Four vertical and seven horizontal positions - that's what the S4V underrun bar can do. For example, when using trailers with cranked drawbars:

  • BC 2000 S4V
  • BC 2500 S4V

Product highlights of Bär Cargolift Standard with a load capacity of 1,000 kg or more

Simultaneously unload five food trolleys at the supermarket with the Cargolift, morning deliveries in the residential area, load full beverage pallets on the ramp with the standard platform, keep goods cold in the refrigerated box with an automatic rolling gate – the requirements on the product group Standard are as wide-ranging as its equipment. This product group sets the standard for efficient, easy and safe operation of a taillift. Below you will find a selection of equipment, more information is waiting for you in the portfolio brochure.

The standard control unit of Standard S4

Intuitively usable, robustly constructed and perfectly operable even with gloves thanks to the cross lever switches - that is the Bär Control EVO control box. For Standard S4 Cargolifts you save precious time by opening and lowering simultaneously with the Quickshift function.

Operating film for Bär Cargolift Standard S4 with Bär Control EVO on YouTube

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The simple and at the same time safe radio control - Bär SmartControl Basic

If you only want to operate the basic functions by radio, you will like this radio remote control. Because three control buttons are enough! The safety comes from the close range detection and the AutoStop45° when closing the platform. 

Operating film for Bär Cargolift Standard S4 with radio control Bär SmartControl Basic on YouTube 

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The radio remote control for highest requirements - Bär SmartControl Plus

Whether battery-operated or rechargeable with docking station - the Plus hand-held transmitter allows you to operate additional components - such as hydraulic jack legs - with this remote control. Just as one hand-held transmitter is sufficient to operate both lifts on your articulated train. Or the automatic protection against unauthorised operation when leaving the vehicle: RadioKey locks all operating elements as soon as the Plus handheld transmitter leaves the working area. In the case of the rechargeable version, the docking station offers further possibilities. 

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Save time and nerves when loading at the ramp with the cab control system

The Bär SmartControl CabinControl allows you to control the Cargolift from the cab. Two reversing cameras at the rear of the vehicle and a split-screen monitor in the cab provide a full overview. The Plus hand-held transmitter can also be used as a radio remote control. You also benefit from the advantages of the Docking Station. 

Film about the Bär SmartControl cab control on YouTube

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Visible - even in darkness and fog with the flashing platform edge NightGuide

Because visibility is safety! The LED band on the top and bottom of the edge profile clearly signals the platform edge to both the driver and those around him. 

Movie about the flashing platform edging NightGuide on YouTube

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For a platform surface without obstacles - TipFlash

For Bär Cargolift Standard S4 from 1500 kg load capacity, the flashing light can be integrated into the platform tip: TipFlash. BÄR recommends the combination with NightGuide for more visibility and at the same time more space on the platform.

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Strong aluminium platforms - the hallmark of BÄR tail lifts since the company was founded

With large advertising space, long-term high value appeal and safe running surface - on request with stainless steel corner or also an edging profile that allows a side loading ramp to be hooked in. 

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​For the safe transport of your roll containers - trolley stops / recesses

At BÄR, the roll-off securing devices are just as robust as the platform on which they are placed. Because every BÄR roll-stop has a double bottom. You have the choice between different roll-off protection systems.  

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So that the platform only opens where you want to unload - geofencing with Bär CargoConnect

The standardised data interface Bär CargoConnect makes it possible to link the geo-data of your telematics with the access rights to the Cargolift control. Because when transporting high-priced goods, there is often only one desired unloading location. Bär CargoConnect also offers unimagined possibilities when it comes to the goal of maximum vehicle availability. 

Film about Bär CargoConnect on YouTube

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Keeping the cold in the body - rolling door control with eBC Controller PRO

You would you like to link your roller shutter to the lift movement? Or are you looking for a diagnostic-capable tail lift? Then BÄR has your solution: the eBC Controller electronic control unit. In use since 2012 - further developed according to your requirements.

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For delivery in a residential area in the early morning - PIEK equipment

For loading and unloading in noise-sensitive environments, BÄR recommends the PIEK equipment. This guarantees that the Cargolift is quieter than 60 dB(A) when in use. In addition to a silentpower pack, the BC is equipped with the noise-reducing SilentGrip on the platform surface as well as other features which are described in more detail in the portfolio brochure.

Further information about Bär Cargolift Standard 1,000 kg - 3,000 kg load capacity

Product finder MyCargolift - Find the suitable tail lift here!

You know your vehicle and your transport task - find the suitable tail lift for it! Because the product recommendation MyCargolift determines the suitable Bär Cargolift on the basis of five pieces of information. Try it out directly!

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Fitment test 24/7

The vehicle is in the yard and you want to check if the mounting is possible? That's where the Bär fitment calculation programme assits. BÄR has been offering this online solution since 2008 - seven days a week, all day! It's best to fill out the dimension sheet in advance so that you have all the data ready. 

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The serial number-specific instruction manual HowToCargoLift

Driver qualification is a key factor in professional distribution transport. At the same time, technology is constantly evolving. That's why BÄR offers you the online driver training HowToCargoLift. After entering the serial number (or scanning the QR code on the Bär Cargolift), you will receive a short instruction manual of exactly that Cargolift - available in eleven languages. 

Simply scan the QR code on the Cargolift or call up the instructions with the serial number via the website. 

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