Wireless operation with one click - Bär SmartControl (VI 01/2023)

User-friendliness is above all a question of the control elements. Since 2012, BÄR has offered the Bär SmartControl operating concept for safe operation by radio. But safe is not always easy; innovative is not always practical. That is why we have continuously developed Bär SmartControl: From the iPhone app to the practical handheld transmitter. From double-click to SingleClick. From complex operating commands to automatic function sequences with EasyFold for our HydFalt Cargolifts. And in the simplest form to Bär SmartControl Basic.

We are pleased to present our current Bär SmartControl portfolio - available from March 2023:

Bär SmartControl Basic » – The simplest form of Cargolift operation by radio
Three buttons, SingleClick, close up area detection, AutoStop45° when closing the platform, battery operated
From March 2023 Bär SmartControl Basic is the standard control element of our Bär VanLifts
Bär SmartControl Plus » – If you want more
Close up area detection, SingleClick, AutoStop45°- but also: one hand-held transmitter for two Cargolifts (on truck and trailer), automatic locking when leaving the lift with RadioKey or semi-automated sliding out and folding of our HydFalt Cargolifts by radio control
The connection on the BC is still established by double-clicking on the vehicle button. If desired, the general double-click can be set up again.
Available as battery-powered hand-held transmitter or as rechargeable hand-held transmitter with docking station
Bär SmartControl CabinControl » – now also with SingleClick
Thanks to Bär SmartControl Plus hand transmitter with docking station, two rear view cameras and a split screen monitor, you have everything in view when operating the lift from the cab - the handheld transmitter can also be used as a radio remote control

Try out our Bär SmartControl radio remote control for yourself!

Bär SmartControl @ baer-cargolift.com

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team ».

End of the year 2023 (SI 06/2023)