Updates in the Bär Cargolift product portfolio (VI 05/21)

In September 2021 the underrun protection directive UNECE R58 Revision 03 will come into force. In the course of adapting our product portfolio to this directive - and of course in the course of the continuous development of our products - we would like to introduce the new Cargolifts BC 2000 F2/F4 and BC 3000 R41 as well as further portfolio updates.

BC 2000 F2/F4
For trucks with 8 t to 40 t gross vehicle weight, the BC 2000 F2/F4 offers a strong 2,000 kg load capacity with 700 mm load distance as well as a platform up to 1,510 mm high. While the F2 version gets by with two lift cylinders, the two additional tilting cylinders of F4 allow platform tilt compensation at all heights.

BC 3000 R41 
Trucks up to 60 t permissible total weight are supported by the new BC 3000 R41 with a load capacity of 3,000 kg at a load distance of 800 mm. Both the fixed and folding platform sections of this retractable Cargolift are made of aluminium with dimensions of 1,810-2,010 mm x 2,400 mm.

BC 1500 S4L – the successor of the BC 1500 S2(N)
Our revised BC 1500 S4L has already been available since the end of 2020 (see VI 07/2020). The new version enables connection to both 12V and 24V and offers further fitment options with the new arm length. BC 1500 S4L will replace BC 1500 S2(N) from September 2021. BC 1500 S2(N) will therefore not be available with an underrun bar according to UNECE R58 revision 03.

UNECE R58 Revision 03
You and we are already encountering vehicles that comply with the underrun protection directive UNECE R58 Revision 03. We want to ensure that you receive the right Cargolift for the carrier vehicle. Therefore, please let us know which revision the carrier vehicle is certified to when you make your enquiry. We have adapted our dimension sheets accordingly.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Stay healthy!

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