NightGuide - Maximum visibility for driver and road traffic (VI 03/21)

The visibility of the platform is of particular importance when using tail lifts - for the driver as well as for the road traffic. This is exactly where Bär's latest, innovative solution comes in: NightGuide. The flashing LED strip impressively signals the working area on the platform running surface to the driver. During operation, the platform position is clearly visible from both sides.

NightGuide thus increases safety through maximum visibility - especially when using the Cargolift in public traffic areas at night. This also convinced the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), so that NightGuide now has a general type approval.

NightGuide is available for platform edging for side loading ramps with or without RamGuard / SteelTop. This optional equipment can be used with Bär Cargolift Standard S2 and S4 in 24V with platform system BAplan45VLL / BAplan45VL with heights of 1,610 mm to 2,410 mm or BAplan50VL with heights of 2,010 to 2,810 mm as well as with widths of 2,300 mm to 2,560 mm.

Innovative solutions with solid technology that can be operated easily and safely - that is our claim. Learn more about NightGuide on our topic website:

» Safety first - Bär NightGuide

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