NEW: Maintenance in the Bär Cargolift WebShop! (SI 09/2021)

Vehicle maintenance is a standard in professional fleet management. Because only well-maintained vehicles enable maximum availability. The same applies to tail lifts and thus also to Bär Cargolift.

To ensure that you are optimally prepared for Cargolift maintenance, you can use our new WebShop feature to display the serial number-specific maintenance spare parts - for the specific Cargolift at the selected maintenance interval. You can find out how this works on the new maintenance tile in the WebShop. There you will also find the maintenance log.

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All Bär Cargolifts are designed for a long service life in professional use. Regular maintenance enables the early detection of wear and tear of parts and components and their subsequent replacement or repair. In addition, maintenance after the first 12 months of operation is a prerequisite for the second year of warranty.

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