New Bär Cargolifts and equipment (VI 08/2022)

At the IAA 2022 » we presented a selection of our innovations and new products. These and other new products and equipment are available now or at the turn of the year:

BC 750 S4 »
The successor of the BC 750 S2N is now available. It is characterised by:
Fixed underrun bar with 4-cylinder technology
Simple and weight-saving integration of a ball coupling
Modular design: basic lift with arm length 600 mm and vehicle-specific fitment kits
Stockable Cargolift for quick fitment

BC 2500 S4A »
The high capactiy version of the BC 2000 S4A is now available. It offers:
A short installation space for mounting on trailers
Two arm lengths - 800 mm and 900 mm
Load capacity 2500 kg at a load distance of 1000 mm

BC 2000 / 2500 R4K »
The new RetFalt Cargolift will be available from January 2023. Its advantages:
Compact design for city semi-trailers / trailers with frame rail 1300 mm
Retractable Cargolift with single folded aluminium platform
Load capacity 2000 kg or 2500 kg with load distance 1000 mm

Bär SmartControl »
The unique operating concept by radio will be presented as follows from 2023 on:
The new Basic hand-held transmitter for easy and at the same time safe operation by radio - from 2023 as standard operating element for the Bär VanLifts
The Plus hand-held transmitter with SingleClick and a wide range of options - optionally available with batteries or as rechargeable version with docking station
The CabinControl » with SingleClick and all advantages and possibilities of the Plus hand-held transmitter with docking station

Bär CargoConnect »
The data interface according to DIN 4630 is available for all Bär Cargolifts with eBC Controller PRO.

Wireless operation with one click - Bär SmartControl (VI 01/2023)