Shows 2014
We are looking forward to your visit!

CV Show in Birmingham, Great Britain
28.04.2014- 01.05.2014

Elmia Lastbil in Jönköping, Sweden
20.08.2014- 23.08.2014

IAA 2014 in Hanover, Germany
25.09.2014- 02.10.2014

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Service information SI 05/2014
Regular service with service badge and service report

Regular service ensures the trouble-free functionality of the Bär Cargolift during daily operation. In addition it is a requirement for warranty claims in the second year of operation. As the mandatory inspection may not include the necessary maintenance, all Bär Cargolifts receive from now on a service badge in addition to the one on the regular inspection. Furthermore the process and content of the regular service should be documented in the new service report.

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Spare parts promotion ET 01/2014
Spare parts packages on the next generation

At the IAA Show 2012 we presented the innovations of "Bär Cargolift - the next generation". In the meantime the complete product range of Bär Cargolift is part of the next generation. Now Bär proposes in a first spare parts promotion 2014 three packages that you need for a quick and competent service of the next generation.

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Sales information VI 02/2014
SmartControl – the remote control of the next generation

Bär Cargolift’s controls are intuitive by tradition. Because the intuitive operation saves time and money. In addition it increases the operational safety. With the SmartControl remote control Bär proposes from March 2014 on the next generation of radio remote controls with four functions:
practice-orientated, easy and safe.

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Service information SI 04/2014
How to get a CargoCheck 2.5 licence

Since January 1st, 2014 our new diagnostic software CargoCheck 2.5 offers you several new functions. We sent you more information on this topic in Service information SI 11/2013. There is also a new licencing process we would like to explain below.

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