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Maximum visibility for driver and road traffic - NightGuide

For Bär Cargolift, safety when using the Cargolift has been a central focus since the company’s foundation. The visibility of the platform is particularly important here – for both the driver and the road traffic. And this is precise purpose of Bär’s latest innovative solution: NightGuide. The LED tape distinctively signals the edge of the platform running surface to the driver. During operation, the platform position is highly visible from all sides. The risk of accidents is greatly reduced by maximum visibility – in particular during use of the Cargolift in public transport areas at night. Furthermore, NightGuide also protects against falls when loading the ramp in the morning.

However, professional use demands not only safety but also robustness and reliability. Integrated in the platform edging, NightGuide is well-protected against mechanical influences. The LED tape has the impact protection rating IK08 and ingress protection rating IP68. It is therefore also suitable for cleaning with a pressure washer (minimum distance of 40 cm).

NightGuide is available for platform edging for side loading ramps with or without RamGuard / SteelTop. This optional equipment can be used with the Bär Cargolift Standard S2 and S4 in 24V with the platform systems BAplan45VLL and BAplan45VL with heights of 1,610 mm to 2,410 mm and with widths of 2,300 mm to 2,560 mm.

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Компания Bär Cargolift является одним из крупнейших изготовителей гидробортов в Европе. Компания Bär поставляет гидроборта для всех областей применения и всех категорий транспортных средств грузоподъёмностью 500-3 000 кг: стандартные гидроборта, однократно или двукратно складываемые, убираемые вниз гидроборта, а также система VanLift FreeAccess. Все продукты производятся самостоятельно на головном предприятии в г. Хайльбронн, где первые гидроборта Bär были сконструированы и изготовлены Гердом Бером (Gerd Bär) более 30 лет назад.