Bär Cargolift - Lifting Performance.

Greater functionality in professional use - eBC Controller PRO

With this control unit, each Cargolift has its own memory. In 2012 it is the basis for the next generation Cargolift, which brings many new possibilities with it:

  • Pushbutton emergency control
  • Error memory with date for error messages and warnings
  • Keyed block connector for service-friendly replacement in case of damage
  • Bär CargoCheck connection by standard USB cable

In addition to these features of the eBC Controller, the eBC Controller PRO offers the possibility of Bär SmartControl remote control » or a retrofit of this (upgrade).

Bär CargoCheck – the diagnostic tool of the next generation

Connected by standard USB cable, the diagnostic software Bär CargoCheck offers quick and simple fault diagnosis with a Windows PC. Bär CargoCheck enables signal monitoring, evaluation of the error memory and display of the voltage and current course in Scope. Furthermore, using the software our services partners are able to update the configuration file, parametrise functions as required, and upgrade further equipment such as the Bär SmartControl remote control ».

Find out more about Bär CargoCheck »

Data interface Bär CargoConnect – the telematics solution by Bär

Since the company was founded in 1981, Bär Cargolift has seen its tail lifts as an "integral part of the commercial vehicle system". For digital integration, Bär therefore offers a standardised data interface according to DIN 4630. Bär CargoConnect enables communication with telematics as well as with the chassis/trailer and its body components - whether for display in the cab or for monitoring the Cargolift in the online portal!

Brochure data interface Bär CargoConnect »

Bär Cargolift is one of the largest manufacturers of taillifts in Europe. Bär offers Cargolifts for all applications and vehicle categories with working loads from 500 to 3000 kilograms: Standard / Cantilever tail lifts, single or double folded retractable tail gates and the Bär FreeAccess VanLift. All products are manufactured in-house at the company's main facility in Heilbronn, Germany, where the first Bär taillift was designed and manufactured by Gerd Bär over 40 years ago.

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