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Driver training - Load

Every tail lift is designed for a maximum weight (load capacity) at a defined point (load centre). The following must be considered:

  • The forklift and the driver are also included in the load capacity!
  • The closer the load is positioned to the platform tip, the lower the maximum load capacity.
  • The load capacity is decreased with loading on one side.
  • Secure loads to prevent rolling away and sliding.
  • Always position trolleys against the trolley stop »
  • Pre-tension reduces sagging of the platform when loaded. For this purpose, actuate lift longer when approaching the body.

Personal injury and property damage can occur if the load capacity is exceeded!

The manufacturer assumes no guarantee for malicious damage!


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Bär Cargolift is one of the largest manufacturers of taillifts in Europe. Bär offers Cargolifts for all applications and vehicle categories with working loads from 500 to 3000 kilograms: Standard / Cantilever tail lifts, single or double folded retractable tail gates and the Bär FreeAccess VanLift. All products are manufactured in-house at the company's main facility in Heilbronn, Germany, where the first Bär taillift was designed and manufactured by Gerd Bär over 40 years ago.

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