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For trucks it is already the custom to have service contracts. However these contracts most often do not include the tail lift. This is why Bär Cargolift offers the service contracts CargoProtect and CargoRate.

From now on the Bär Cargolift InternetShop includes some improvements: Full-text search for the quick identification of parts, attachments to the warranty claim as well as the possibility to return parts also from Austria and France. 
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In 2007 Bär Cargolift started with the platform system BAplan - developped and produced in Heilbronn, Germany. Now Bär presents BAplan2 - the second generation of the BAplan platform. By changing the platform profiles the BAplan2 has a better proportion between weight and stability. At the same time it becomes more attractive. In a first step the BC 1000 S2 and BC 1000 S4 will be equipped with the new platform BAplan45VLL from 07.07.2014 on.

Regular service ensures the trouble-free functionality of the Bär Cargolift during daily operation. In addition it is a requirement for warranty claims in the second year of operation. As the mandatory inspection may not include the necessary maintenance, all Bär Cargolifts receive from now on a service badge in addition to the one on the regular inspection. Furthermore the process and content of the regular service should be documented in the new service report.

Bär Cargolift’s controls are intuitive by tradition. Because the intuitive operation saves time and money. In addition it increases the operational safety. With the SmartControl remote control Bär proposes from March 2014 on the next generation of radio remote controls with four functions: practice-orientated, easy and safe.